Music composition

Jane L Williams - composer, lyricist, songwriter

Song premieres

Aug 23 & 27 2014 - Members of Aylesbury Festival Choir, MD Alan Hamilton

June 14 2014 - The Periwinkles

Dec 14 2013 - Uxbridge Choral Society with Bledlow Ridge School Choir, Conductor Jeff Stewart

June 10 2013 - The Periwinkles for the Lymphoma Association

Compositions:   (Click titles for information, demos, rehearsal tracks etc.)

WHERE'S FATHER CHRISTMAS? A jolly festive song that tells the story of how busy Father Christmas is in the lead up to Christmas, culminating in his arrival and everyone whispering "Shhh, he's here!". Written for Adult Choir SATB, Junior Choir, Sleigh Bells, Tubular Bells (or Chime Bars or Handbells), optional Triangle, Tuba and Piano.
SUMMER'S HERE A light hearted take on the Great British Summer - written for voice(s) (Soprano) and Piano.
REMEMBER THEM  A song to remember the brave servicemen and women lost in war and our loved ones who are not here today.  Written for voice (Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano) and Piano.
GOT YOUR NAME WRITTEN ON IT A song in remembrance of a loved one - written for voice (Mezzo-Soprano) and Piano.
LYMPHOMA LUNCH A song of written for voices (Sopranos) and Piano, sung at a charity lunch on 14th June 2014.
WHY DO PEOPLE FIGHT? Current work in progress
THE ONE FOR ME A love song duet - current work in progress
SNOWMAN A festive song for children - current work in progress
I'M DREAMING OF A GOOD PAYRISE A song dreaming of what could be done with a good pay rise - those were the days!
BOBBY BREWSTER BY A. TREE An illustrated children's story
RIVER CRUISE 1 & 2 Poems



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