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Tuition or Training?

Jane teaches her clients.

Many training establishments use E-learning where they instruct their pupils to "follow what is on the screen". This often leaves them struggling and having to ask for assistance (or get left behind), which can be stressful, not to mention humiliating, particularly if in a classroom environment.  Where is the personal coaching and interaction?

One-to-one tuition is not like that. It is not humiliating. It is personal coaching. You can repeat something as many times as you like and ask as many questions as you wish, no-one else is watching and I don't mind!

Also with one-to-one tuition you don't have to sit through a whole E-learning session to find out just the little bit that you wanted to learn.  You can specify what it is you want to learn thus saving you a lot of time.

And what is more learning can actually be enjoyable too!

Jane is your private coach. She is there to help you.

The Collins English Dictionary definitions of
"Training" and "Tuition" are as follows:-

- is the process of educating.
This could be E-learning or handouts.

- is teaching, instruction, private coaching. This is exactly what you get with one-to-one tuition.

Believe me, there is quite a difference between supervising and teaching!



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