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Jane would like to thank the authors of these unsolicited testimonials, who have kindly given permission for their inclusion on this page. They are just a small, but typical, selection of the many emails I receive from clients..

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Hello Jane, Thank you so much for my tuition session - it was exactly what I needed and I found you a gifted tutor. Best wishes, Barbara Pratt

You truly have patience and are a lovely person. Thank you. Jean S.

Hi Jane, Thanks - that was great. I feel much more confident now to use the pc and Windows10. Best wishes, Steve, Steve Minshull International

Thank you Jane. A very patient attempt to teach me something - and I think you succeeded! Edward Payne (94)

Hi Jane, Just to say my new found talents have already been put to good use and you only left two hours ago! – ClipArt/images/text wrapping etc. I'm already doing a new poster for Jack and his music.  My brain is buzzing!! Thanks for steering me in the right direction. Mary.

"Jane's ability to impart knowledge surpasses any teacher I have ever known." K. Ferrari

"Jane has really helped me to understand and use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. She teaches you at your own pace, is extremely patient and ensures you understand everything before moving on to the next stage. Her revision and self-help assignments which follow each training session are invaluable too. I would certainly recommend Jane (and have already done so) to anyone needing help with computers and software/programmes generally." Allan Westray

"As a teacher Jane Williams is excellent; patient, dedicated, clear and also she makes learning fun. She converted me from being a ‘computerphobe’ to being really rather an enthusiast, maintaining a clear sense of purpose and a welcome sense of humour throughout. She is an excellent teacher and a very likeable character. I thoroughly recommend her to others hoping to learn about computers and feeling that perhaps this is a rather daunting task ahead of them. Jane will resolve all problems, thoroughly and amusingly. Any pupil of hers is in an extremely fortunate position." Emma Lloyd-Jones

Today, when you came to mind, I was just praising you and thinking 'thank goodness for Jane', my digital hero, unwittingly preparing me, just in time for the Covid-19 pandemic!. Our hospital department is so very digital at the moment. You would be amazed at what I have achieved. This morning I was on Microsoft Teams listening to the OUH staff briefing.......from home I might add! I also organise Microsoft 'Huddle' meetings at work to keep social distancing and teams supported. I am also thinking about home banking......that is a little scary! I can also see my work desktop with Citrix .... I am not pretending that I am an expert, half the time it is pure luck and I cannot believe I have it working. However, I would not have had the confidence without your training, and I really thank you for that. Susan T.
... and then one week later ... Dear Jane, I am now an online banking whizz!! Thank you so much. Susan T.

"Knowledge is of two kinds - we know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it." Computers were not invented in 1775 when Samuel Johnson wrote those words. But like me, he would have found the talents of Jane Williams an immense help in his career, as I have in mine. Jane is cheerful, patient and deals with aplomb with any computer matters I set before her. She deals with both routine and confidential matters with integrity and as a teacher is first class.
Anne C Silk

"I contacted Jane Williams as I needed help with E-mail attachments. This she did with great speed and patience. Following this pleasant experience, I decided to learn more about computing, having struggled for many years on my own. I started a course of lessons with Jane and am very pleasantly surprised at the amount she has taught me, and the confidence that she has given me in such a short time. I feel that she has very gently pulled me into the twenty-first century. I can thoroughly recommend her patience and understanding of the individual's needs." Gillian Neale Antiques

Dear Jane, I do enjoy our lessons and feel it is good for me to have that spell of concentration. I found that with the class lessons that I started I got so embarrassed and then very flustered by it all, especially when we did the photo course. But now, thanks to you, I enjoy the digital photography very much and hope to experiment more. Very many thanks. Margaret Pearce

Hi Jane, Just to let you know that I have already replied to 2 emails and sent 2 more. I feel empowered! Best wishes, Lesley W.
... and then 5 days later..... Hi Jane, I am corresponding daily with a few friends and getting faster. Love predictive text as it helps me go faster. Have also browsed a caterers site and sent an enquiry. Am writing a list of questions for me to ask you when next we meet. Hope you have had a lovely weekend. Kind regards, Lesley W.
...and then 1 month later ..... Hi Jane, Just wanted to say how fortuitous it was that I had those 2 lessons with you before Covid-19 lockdown! I have been able to keep in touch with friends and have even ventured onto WhatsApp and had a couple of video calls with my brother and his young children. Also doing online ordering. Best wishes, Lesley W.

Dear Jane, Just a quick note to say thank you again for all your help in setting up our computer and printer, and in coaching two old codgers to get a bit more able to cope with modern electronic life! You were marvellously efficient and sensitive to our needs, and we are very grateful for your help. I am so glad I telephoned you in the first place. Goodness only knows if we will be able to cope now on our own, but so far so good. If we need further help I shall know where to come. Thank you again.
Yours sincerely, Nancy (& Bill), High Wycombe.

Dear Jane, Thanks for making life a little bit more interesting.  Best wishes, Gordon (age 97)

I want to say a huge, massive thank you for all the help you gave to me to allow me to conduct the online interview. You would have been so proud of me Jane I arranged the room so that it looked professional in the background as you suggested. I have to say that technically I did feel quite confident thanks to you and your patience showing me how to operate Skype as well. The learning curve for me with the Skype etc was invaluable and I really do thank you very much for that. Thank you once again for your prompt response in helping me, organising a great venue, your invaluable expertise and immeasurable patience.  All of these were greatly appreciated and I want you to know how very grateful I was. If I have any other further computer queries I will not hesitate to contact you when I am in that area. Thank you once again for making something possible that I nearly did not go ahead and present myself for. Thank you very much for all your help, patience and cooperation it was very much appreciated. Also it was a real pleasure to meet you Jane. Kay T.

Jane, Thank you so much for your help this morning. I really enjoyed it and am very pleasantly surprised at the amount I learnt. I will, no doubt, need to learn more soon! Thanks again. I'll be in touch.Valerie Rowles

This e-mail was received following a website design and build:
Jane, Thanks for your notification of our Google website listings, we are very pleased with these early results.  To find that our website is listed at the top of page one on Google in such a short time (only one week), and at no extra cost, is fantastic! Many thanks again from all of us at this end for your very professional service and support to set up our website.  I will be in touch with you again in the near future, to look into the other business we discussed. David T. P.S. "Having entered separately all the other business activities that we do into Google, all have been listed on page one or thereabouts, job very well done!"

Hi Jane, The webiste looks good. All my new business cards, letterheads and car advertising are sporting the new logo that you made for me, and of course the web address. Thanks for all your help and professional advice - it's a pleasure to do business with you. Joan

Jane, Thank you so much for our new website, it is just what we were hoping for - we love it! Gary & Jill

Dear Jane, I'm going through all the e-mails including several from AFC members who have looked at our new website and said how good it is! I agree!! I love the noticeboard on the members' page and the concert posters you've created - it's all very attractive and user-friendly. Thank you so much for a great 'launch' to my first year as Chairman - I'm really thrilled to have this to mark a new beginning for the choir.
I will be in touch about another session with you to continue setting up (and sorting out!) the laptop. Best wishes, Pat - Aylesbury Festival Choir

Dear Jane, Many many thanks for your help this a.m.  I hope I can give you some idea of the fun I have had - HERE GO's:-
This was me BEFORE you came PC frustration  NOW I'm like THIS!  comfy at PC Thanks again. Roz

Dear Jane,
Just wanted to thank you so much for the tuition on Friday, I so enjoyed it and now feel less afraid of the computer and am now having a go at things! You certainly are extremely patient and very good at explaining things, and I really did appreciate that. I look forward to booking another session with you in the near future. With all best wishes,
Maxime Pettengell

Yvonne’s message to her Sisters):
Guess what, I’ve just had my first 1-to-1 computer lesson and it was great. So wish I’d done it earlier. Was really apprehensive and nervous as my skills were so basic, but the tutor was a very patient little lady.  My computer is going to be so much better and organized. I’ll actually have a full proof filing system once I’ve eventually transferred everything into their homes/folders.
Yvonne’s e-mail to Jane:
Thanks so much for a very enjoyable first lesson. Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous tutor you are. Every single document is now living in its right home/folder. Once I had started I simply had to complete the task. I’m so chuffed. See you in a fortnight. With Thanks, Yvonne

Hello Jane, I just want you to know how much I have enjoyed our sessions, and found you such a competent and relaxed tutor. Thank you very much for typing all those addresses for me. I am sure we shall meet up again so, until then, all the very best. Warm regards, Valmai

Many thanks for the lesson yesterday - the fog is beginning to clear - and I've done some follow-up - so with luck I'll have fewer nightmare scenorios! Looking forward to the next lesson. Best Wishes, Eve


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